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The Authors

Some details about the authors

Juergen Ulbts
I was born 1975 in Leer, northern Germany. Between 1997 and 2001 I worked at a Software Developer in Leer, where I got in contact with database systems.

MS-Visual FoxPro and MS-FoxPro are the tools I used at work for software development (applications, various import/export routines and web stuff), while I use Virtual Pascal and sometimes Borland Delphi at home. At the university I began using Java as part of my job and also began using C# (.NET) for development. Java is still my favorite programming language. I've also been using C(++) compilers like Open Watcom or GCC but that was only for some smaller extensions like e.g. an incoming message dialog for the Java-based Jeti Jabber client on OS/2 and eComStation (which uses JNI). I also use SuperWaba for PDA and Smartphone development as SuperWaba or the new TotalCross (successor of SuperWaba) can be used on different mobile operating systems (PalmOS, Windows Mobile, Symbian, iPhone and Blackberry). The language is very Java like and very easy to use if you know Java or C#.

JMDB has been my first big Java project, but several projects followed since then. The first steps for this application were made in the turn of the year 1999/2000, where I began to use Java to read some files from IMDb.

Between Oct. 2001 and July 2008 I was a student in computer science at the University of Oldenburg.

After that I began to extend my knowledge in J2EE by working on Subsonic and other projects. I also resumed the work on JMDB after I got my degree from the university.

I'm a big fan of IBM's OS/2 operating system which is also called eComStation (sold since 2001 by Serenity Systems to customers), so this was also a reason why I have choosen to use Java as programming language.

You can find other projects on my personal website.

Uwe Freese
Born 1976 in Leer, northern Germany. I'm a student in computer science, at University of Kiel since 1997, at University of Karlsruhe since 1999. You can read about my other projects at my homepage.


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