Last update: 2014-07-13


For now, all versions are compiled Java bytecode. The source code might be available in the future (some parts of the code are available on request). This is planned for the JMDB2 source line to be open source from the start.

Languages supported by the JMDB v1.40 and later (sorted by name):
Chinese Chinese-Taiwan French German Italian Dutch Russian Serbian Spanish Swedish English

JMDB v1.40pre2+
Java Movie Database v1.40 is not yet final but you have to go for this package because several issues that showed up to the end of 2013 have been addressed.
Beside that the new v1.40 offers:
  • much faster import speed (10x compared to v1.36; all little bit slowed down by the full text indexing)
  • searches a lot faster (uses full text search)
  • supports more IMDb files
  • easier to use
  • includes numerous other bugfixes and enhanced error handling

PRE-RELEASE VERSION (recommended and now only option)

Scroll down for version details!

Download current JMDB v1.40 pre-release 2+ [2014-02-12] newicon

Currently only the generic ZIP archive and installer package for Windows (EXE) are available. The installer package eComStation (EXE and WPI) will follow later this year.

Windows Windows EXE package (4583 KB) Download

zip Generic ZIP package for all OSes (4134 KB) Download

Note on program download

You need the eComStation (eCS) and OS/2 WarpIN Installer for the WPI file.
The latest WarpIN builds can be found at

Version History

(*) feature corrected / updated
(+) added feature
(-) removed feature
(/) external addons included and environment checks
(u) unfinished work
(!) General information

1.40 pre-release 2+ (2014-02-12) PUBLIC RELEASE!!!
Detailed changes:
  • (+) Added additional parameters to JMDB specifically for an auto-update process (see startxxxautoupdater.[sh/cmd] script and the notes below). Parameter: importpath="<FULL-PATH-TO_LIST-GZ-FILES>" Together with the older parameters like "importwithindex" and the new added command line and shell scripts you can run the import each week (Task/Cron) fully automatically.
  • (*) Changed the internal handling of all movie title related aka files ('aka-titles', etc.) to skip entries which use too long titles.
  • (*) Changed the internal handling of 'movie-links.list.gz' to prevent JMDB to crash on broken IMDb export files. The problem was (or still is) that IMDb uploaded broken files to the FTP servers which caused JMDB to crash while importing the file. The first entries of the movie-links.list.gz are missing the actual movie/tv-show title where the listed information is linked to.
  • (*) Changed the internal inline links (qv##mn.. and qv##tt..) replacement to the IMDb website which could cause JMDB to get into an endless loop. Inline links are used in the 'plot.list.gz' and also the 'biographies.list.gz'. They have been removed for some time by IMDb but are now (2013) seem to come back into the *.list files.
  • (*) Changed internal buffer array for movies2xxx tables which could get larger then defined. This can occur especially on actors/actresses files where a person has a recurring role on a tv show which is running for a very long time (decades) like e.g. 'The price is right'.
  • (*) Changed the Linux shell script first line from "#!/bin/sh" to "#!/bin/bash".
    BSD users: You will have to change this path to "#!/usr/local/bin/bash" as this is the location normally used on BSD systems!
  • (*) Changed the MacOS shell script call from "/bin/sh" to "/bin/bash" and updated internal dates
  • (*) Updated the code used for an JMDB sub-project
  • (*) Updated all scripts to use the debugmode parameter with the value of 10
  • (*) Minor internal updates for the multi-language support
  • (/) Renamed 'startwin*.bat' files to 'startwin*.cmd'
  • (/) Added 'startwinautoupdater.cmd' and '' scripts to handle automatic FTP downloads. Added some JMDB startup parameters in the 'startwin*.cmd' and '' scripts to use the parameter submitted by the 'startXXautoupdater.*' scripts. The latest update also uses the jmdb.cfg config file to get the list of files to download (previously this had to be defined manually).
  • (u) Reworking database connection handling (UNFINISHED)
  • (u) Reworking the directory path checks (UNFINISHED)
  • (u) Reworking the image-repository feature, specifically image scaling [config option] and filenames based on titles [handling special chars] (UNFINISHED)
1.40 pre-release 2 (2010-05-14) [NO PUBLIC RELEASE/Only Beta-Testers]
Detailed changes:
  • (+) Added image display in the detail window (for movies/persons). The images need to be stored in the subdirectory 'imagerepository' of the JMDB installation (--> Supported formats: JPG, PNG and GIF)
    Note: Because the filename structure will change in the future this is more of an experimental feature!
  • (+) Added support of the 'sound-mix.list'
  • (+) Added support of the 'soundtrack.list'
  • (+) Added the ID (movieid, actorid,...) from the local database to the progress bar tooltip of the Detail Window. This is more a 'hidden' debugging feature but maybe you also want to know it. ;)
  • (*) Changed import of goofs.list(.gz) and trivia.list(.gz) to remove blank lines.
  • (*) Fixed error importing the biographies.list(.gz) file that prevented adding a new line when a "*" star-bullet character has been found.
  • (*) Changed order of details shown for movies.
  • (*) Changed table structure internally for...
    • production-companies
    • color-info
    • technical
    • language
    • distributors
    • locations
  • (*) Changed output for lists to use a 'bullet' character instead of a "-" or "*" for better readability (e.g. goofs, trivia,...).
  • (*) Changed output of 'genre' and 'keywords' information into a comma separated list of words. Before the keywords took to much space.
    The genre information is short and will be still easy to read.
  • (*) Reduced memory usage (plots, quotes, biographies, movie-links)
  • (*) Updated start scripts to use 450 MB for Java (was 400 MB before).
1.40 pre-release 1 (2010-04-01)
Detailed changes:
  • (+) Added support of text search (currently MySQL and PostgreSQL) which is a lot faster compared to the previous LIKE/ILIKE search.
    Creating the necessary indexes eates a little bit of the huge import speed improvements (see below).
    Note 1: MySQL will fall back to the slow LIKE search if a searched word is <3 characters long. NOT YET IMPLEMENTED!
    Note 2: Text-Search and LIKE/ILIKE search will not return the exact same search results!
    Note 3: Operators as 'AND', 'OR', 'NOT' (PostgreSQL) as well as '!', '+', '-' (MySQL) can be used!
  • (+) Rewrote the import to use JDBC 'Prepared Batch Inserts' which speed up the import for PostgreSQL and also MySQL (especially with the rewriteBatchedStatements parameter - for MySQL check: Mark Matthews: A 10x Performance Increase for Batch INSERTs With MySQL Connector/J Is On The Way....)
  • (+) Changed basic SQL execution classes in JMDB so a JDBC driver supporting a backwards scrolling ResultSet is no longer needed.
    This allowed updating the PostgreSQL driver to the latest release (see external addons below).
  • (+) Added support of the 'alternate-versions.list'
  • (+) Added support of the 'crazy-credits.list'
  • (+) Added support of the 'literature.list'
  • (+) Added support of the 'locations.list'
    This basically also allows to open google maps to lookup the location in your browser. Some search words might prevent google from finding the location so you might have to delete some of the words used.
  • (+) Added italian translation (many thanks to Vittorio Monaco)
  • (+) Added parameter and checkbox to disable most of the settings within the JMDB-Setup dialog that normally don't have to be changed.
    This will help new users to configure JMDB faster and to reduce confusion.
  • (+) Introduced a debug parameter so features not yet ready to be used by the end-user are hidden. As a result you no longer see the IMDb FTP-Server tab in the JMDB-Setup dialog.
  • (*) Fixed some typos in english translation
  • (*) Changed the min/max width of the 'Ratings' column that's normally shown in the search result window. For example on Linux (e.g. Ubuntu) this column has been to small so the number of votes were truncated.
  • (*) 'MySQL >=5.0.0' is selected as default MySQL version on first start in JMDB-Setup dialog. Before 'MySQL >3.23.28' has been selected. This was causing the problem that users use the wrong version, because they don't change the value unless they use PostgreSQL.
  • (*) Updated default URL parameters for MySQL to use 'rewriteBatchedStatements=true' and removed the parameter 'characterEncoding=iso8859-1' which is causing some problems with newer MySQL and Connector/J versions.
  • (*) Fixed the MySQL index creation on 4 tables. The error didn't do any damage but showed up on the JMDB.log.
  • (*) Updated selection of default import file setting which are now internally updated so no restart is needed to activate the changes (now internally the default settings are stored; before all entries just had been enabled).
  • (*) Fixed automatic check when the path to the IMDb list files is entered directly are selected using the file dialog. The path is instantly checked if the files can be found!
  • (*) Updated the Movie Collection to use the database abstraction.
    It's now possible to define the codepage/charset in the *.def file so the *.data can be read corrently if the default behaviour doesn't work.
    The code has been updated to use BatchInserts for the tmpmovies table and it's possible to turn off the creation and population of the tmpmovies table.
    The tmpmovies table now contains the columns movieid, title and year (the year has been added).
    General note: Tests show that PostgreSQL v8.4 is 10x faster compared to MySQL 5.1.27! On a second call of the collection MySQL is catching up.
  • (*) Updated URLs (HTML files and documentation/created desktop icons)
  • (*) Updated HTML help including the images that come with JMDB to show the new JMDB-Setup dialog settings.
  • (*) Updated MacOS '' directory and content
  • (/) Added sample Excel/OpenOffice sheets containing movies of 'John Doe' that can be exported to a *.data file.
    This sample allows you to use Excel/OpenOffice to add movies which can be shared with friends using JMDB.
  • (/) Added latest PostgreSQL JDBC driver v8.4
  • (/) Added latest MySQL JDBC driver 5.1.11 because of the possible speed improvements while using the URL parameter 'rewriteBatchedStatements=true'.
  • (/) Fixed error in the REXX script that prevented it to create desktop icons and start scripts on eComStation and OS/2.
  • (!) Tested the external MySQL InnoDB plugin (tested v1.0.4 with MySQL 5.1.37)! This is faster then the default InnoDB engine that comes with MySQL: InnoDB plug-in
1.36 (2009-02-05 - Refresh 2009-02-17)
Detailed changes:
  • (*) Updated the import class responsible for the aka files (titles and names). Due to a changed title JMDB did interpret one entry as end of data mark and stopped importing aka-titles before it was complete.
  • (+) Added translation for Chinese mainland and Taiwan (zh_CN and zh_TW) in the JMDB v1.36 refreshed package which is otherwise unchanged (many thanks to Zhangdao).
  • (/) Updated all start scripts to use (max.) 400MB by default because more memory is again needed for the import (-Xmx parameter; see also entry page).
1.35 (2007-09-20)
Detailed changes:
  • (+) Added the selection of the first line in a JTable if there are entries in it (this will work for all JTables used by JMDB).
  • (+) Added keyboard support for the JTables which list the search results. This enhancement will let you call the details of the currently selected entry by pressing 'ENTER'-key.
  • (+) Added support for another external Java LookAndFeel extension
    • NimROD (FREE -
      It has a small problem on eComStation and OS/2 with the Golden Code Java but doesn't show this problem with the Innotek Java version.
    • The user has to drop the Look and Feel package (it's a *.jar file; e.g. 'looks-2.0.4.jar') into the subdirectory '.\plugins\laf'.
      See note "1.35 beta - 2006-08-10" for the other supported LookAndFeel extensions.
  • (+) Added Dutch translation (many thanks to Roland Bouwmans)
  • (+) Added/Updated French translation (many thanks to Jean-Claude Vignoli)
  • (*) Updated Russian translation (many thanks to Vladimir Frelikh)
  • (*) Updated Serbian translation (many thanks to Marko Bastovanovic)
  • (*) Updated Spanish translation (many thanks to Delfi Reinoso)
  • (*) Updated Swedish translation (many thanks to Johnny Johannesson)
  • (*) Updated links to other websites (e.g. Paul Smedley website)
  • (*) Updated HTML-Help
  • (*) Tweaked the size of table columns (varchar) a little bit to import the latest IMDb files without an error.
  • (-) Removed Expert Result window
  • (/) Added latest stable MYSQL database driver of the v3.1.x series. (Connector/J V3.1.14 - 2006-10-18)
  • (/) Added informations for a major speed-up when using MySQL InnoDB storage engine. This will make the index creation on the movies2actors table 6x times faster (or even more depending on your system).
  • (!) Included are ALL changes from the previous beta versions!!! Please read the details about these changed in the following version notes.
    Most noticable changes - there are more...
    • Added support of the 'movies-links.list' file
    • Added support for the IMDb tv series/shows episode listing that has been added end of January 2006 (see note "1.35 beta - 2006-02-22")
    • Workaround for reoccuring IMDb errors (slightly slows down the import of some *.list(.gz) files).
    • Major speed improvements (see note "1.35 beta - 2006-08-10")
    • Updated and new languages files
    • PDF-Export (see note "1.35 beta - 2006-08-02")
    • Memory monitoring while importing (can lead to false warnings as I need to guess the -Xmx parameter setting)
    • Exception handling added (--> OutOfMemoryException will be catched)
    • Database changes
    • Added support for unoffical IMDb ID list file (only movie ID's)
    • PostgreSQL support
    • Better Apple MacOS X integration (icon,...)
    • Added support for other Swing Look'n'Feels (see note "1.35 beta - 2006-08-10")
1.35 internal beta (2007-01-23)
Detailed changes:
  • (+) Added JMDB start script (.app bundle) for Mac OS X (many thanks to James Nicolson, Kai Schulte and Jan Weiss) and also added Icon library with multiple sizes to the .app bundle ( directory).
  • (*) Updated linux start script (many thanks to Jan Weiss)
  • (*) Updated language file keys
  • (-) Removed old MySQL JDBC fallback driver name
  • (/) Updated readme.txt (List of supporters has been updated once again)
  • (/) Updated all start scripts to use (max.) 200MB by default because more memory is needed for the import (-Xmx parameter).
  • (u) Experimental work testing Derby (aka Java DB) and SQLite by Holger Cremer. There are several things to change until this will work. Don't expect anything before JMDB v1.40!
1.35 BETA4 (2006-11-17)
Detailed changes:
  • (+) added memory monitoring (JMDB will warn you when it runs on low memory <15MB).
  • (+) added exception handling for OutOfMemoryError exceptions
    The import will be canceled and a information message will be shown!
  • (+) added support for an unoffical IMDb ID list for movies provided by an JMDB user (IMDb doesn't release this information). This requires round about 40-50 MB more memory (at the moment).
    The file may be available on my website later (or the download will be possible within JMDB).
    There is a small database modification (added a new field imdbId to the movies table) which is currently only used on the movie details (the movie URL).
    The file (~11.5 MB) is currently only available on request!
  • (+) added Serbian translation (many thanks to Marko Bastovanovic for this and the other thing)
  • (*) added workaround/checks for the double SPACE problem of episode titles from movies
    This slows down the import on some files! The errors are written to the IMDb_Error.log!
  • (*) enhanced IMDb_Error.log output, so you see where a failed request came from.
    Most errors are from the outdated/no longer supported german-/italian-/iso-aka-titles files.
  • (*) some minor enhancements
  • (*) all other improvements from the previous 1.35 BETA versions are included
  • (/) updated instOS2.cmd script (eCS and OS/2) and also the Linux/MacOS/Windows start scripts (start*.*) because more memory is needed for the import (-Xmx parameter).
  • (u) translation is not up-to-date for Spanish, Russian, Swedish and Serbian (english messages will be shown instead of the correct language). The german and english translation is complete.
1.35 BETA3 (2006-08-10)
Detailed changes:
  • (*) Speed improvement on IMDb list file import for
    • biographies (~13 times faster)
    • plots (~ 3 times faster)
    • business (~ 6 times faster)
    • quotes (12-21 times faster; maybe even more)
    • mpaa-rating-reasons (speedup unknown/not compared)
    • trivia (speedup unknown/not compared)
    • taglines (speedup unknown/not compared)
    • goofs (speedup unknown/not compared)
  • (*) Swedish language file updated (all languages are on the same level again)
    Many thanks to Olof Hjalmarsson for taking the time to update it!
  • (*) changed the logging behaviour a little bit on the import that allows to disable it after a certain number of errors occurred (currently 10). A additional debugMode will also be turned on that will output additional information into the logfile until the loggins will be temporarily disabled.
    The logging will be enabled again at the end of each list file. The code itself needs some cleanup here as it's only a hack due to the import problems that show up all the time (see website-news on 2006-08-08 and the added workaround for the running-times.list).
  • (+) added support of the 'movies-links.list'
    Currently those don't allow to call details on the referenced movie by just clicking on the name. It's a little bit tricky to add it and would take to much time that I don't have right now.
  • (+) added support for several external (3rd party) Java LookAndFeel extensions, but some may not work with the Java Runtime version that are used by the user and therefore not loaded. The user has to drop the Look and Feel package (it's a *.jar file; e.g. 'looks-2.0.4.jar') into the subdirectory '.\plugins\laf'.
    NOTE 1: Most of the LAFs above also support additional skins/colors which is currently not supported/chooseable in JMDB!
    NOTE 2: I may remove support for of the LAFs in the final release!
    Supported LAFs:
  • (+) added a check at startup that will delete the JMDB.log if it's bigger than 512 KB.
  • (+) added workaround for a IMDb file export bug in the running-times.list
    '[..]USA:3[Some really stupid description][..]'
    This problem showed up on an import test with files from 2006-08-04!
  • (/) updated instOS2.cmd script (eCS and OS/2) - EPM.EXE used to open JMDB.log
  • (/) updated bugs.txt
  • (/) for the commandline import option read the description in the history.txt for JMDB '1.35 beta - 2006-02-22'
1.35 BETA2 (2006-08-02)
Detailed changes:
  • (*) Speed improvement (factor 2) for MySQL 4/5 databases!
    [Detail: using '..UNION..'/'..INNER JOIN..' instead of '..IN (SELECT..)']
  • (*) fixed LIMIT issues on 'MySQL >=4.0.x/5.0' which prevented to use this option for the search (temporary fix for BETA 1 was selecting the 'MySQL >3.23.28' setting in the JMDB-Setup after an IMDb list file import).
    The import was working and hasn't changed!
  • (*) fixed aka search with the 'MySQL >3.23.28' db setting which didn't actually show all results (LONGTIME-BUG)
  • (*) fixed other SQL issues in the query (broken word search for MySQL 4/5 and PostgreSQL,...)
  • (*) fixed right-click PopupMenu display position and menu removal
  • (*) fixed PDF Export issues
    • Illegal characters in filenames will be removed/replaced (filename is name of person/movie)
    • Reported 'failed' export even if was 'successful' (Translation is not complete yet!)
  • (*) PDF-Export at the Detail Windows.
    A dialog will be shown if you right-click on the detail window!
    Java 1.4.x
    The needed library (iText) is now included with this release.
    The library can be found in the .\plugins\export subdirectory. The iText free Java PDF library can be downloaded from the following website if you want to upgrade (update classpath setting):
    Download it here: iText - Free Java PDF library
  • (+) added switch to show or remove episodes of series from the releasedate search result
  • (+) added 'export' directory where the PDF exports will be saved. The directory will be created automatically if it doesn't exist.
  • (/) added latest stable MySQL database driver (Connector/J V3.1.13 - 2006-05-27)
    This driver allows using MySQL v3.23.28 up to v5.1.x!
    MySQL Connector/J 5.x is not yet included because it doesn't support MySQL 3.23.x any more.
    After some tests this may change with future JMDB releases.
  • (/) updated start*.* scripts (Windows and Linux)
  • (/) updated instOS2.cmd script (eCS and OS/2)
  • (/) updated history.txt, readme.txt, bugs.txt
  • (/) for the commandline import option read the description in the history.txt for JMDB '1.35 beta - 2006-02-22'
1.35 BETA (2006-02-22)
Problem: Innotek Java v1.4.2_05-b04 on eComStation (which uses Sun JRE via Odin) generates 'ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException - No such child: 1' when executing a search, so the 'Result window' will not get displayed.
Just hit the search button again, then it will work.
GoldenCode Java v1.4.1_07-gcd-b4 on eComStation and Java 1.5.0_06-b05 on WindowsXP do NOT show this problem. If you get this error running another Java version report it!

Detailed changes:
  • (+) added support for the IMDb tv series/shows episode listing that has been added end of January 2006.
    The search window got a swith to show episodes in the search results or to remove them from the results.
  • (+) changed the setup window (now resizeable; more options; not all options are currently used - e.g. FTP settings)
  • (+) added PostgreSQL >=7.1.0 support
  • (+) added MySQL >=4.1.0 and >=5.0.0 support
  • (+) added feature to import files using command-line switches details will be added later
  • (+) added basic support for PDF-Export (still ongoing) at the Detail Windows. A dialog will be shown if you right-click on the detail window!
    The library 'itext-1.3.jar' needs to be downloaded and added to the classpath (see -cp parameter at the start*.* files). Download it from:
    It will be included later after I checked the used license!
  • (*) lots of bugfixes on various parts of the application and most likely new bugs. ;)
  • (*) updated installation and script updates to allow external language files
  • (*) updated weblinks (JMDB FAQ, MySQL JDBC Driver Homepage)
  • (*) updated language files (English, German, Spanish, Russian) Swedish is also included but NOT YET on the latest level.
  • (/) updated bugs.txt (not all bugs are listed)
  • (/) added latest stable MYSQL database driver (Connector/J V3.1.12 - 2005-12-22)
  • (/) added 'old' PostgreSQL driver v74.215 for PostgreSQL >=7.x
    The lastest PostgreSQL 8 driver has still missing features we need!
  • (+) added a commandline option to start JMDB, import new files without user interaction (resume will be used if possible - see below) and the application gets closed after the import!
    The search window will not be displayed if one of the parameters is used, but if there has been an interruped import it will be resumed (it doesn't ask you)!!!
    If you press the "Cancel" button in the converter window, the unattended import will be disabled and normal use is possible (the application will then not get closed automatically).
    All warning messages (DROP DATABASE,...) will be skipped so use it with extreme caution
    --- we are not responsible for any data loss!!! ---

    It still needs some finetuning...closing the application generates 'Exception in thread "Thread-2"...'

    The commandline options are (case-insensitive):

    A little howto:
    Just add the parameter after "jmdb.base.JMDBMain" in your JMDB script you use to call the application.
    [...path java-runtime parameters for java and other stuff...] jmdb.base.JMDBMain ImportWithIndex
1.30 REFRESH (2005-07-13)
Detailed changes:
  • (*) updated installation and script updates to allow external language files
  • (*) updated German and English translation
  • (+) added Spanish (many thanks to Sergi Tur Badenas at Acacha-Movies) and Swedish (many thanks to Olof Hjalmarsson) translation
  • (*) added sounds directory (again)
  • (*) updated weblinks (JMDB FAQ, MySQL JDBC Driver Homepage)
  • (-) removed local JMDB FAQ file (added external link to JMDB FAQ instead)
  • (/) added latest stable MySQL database driver (Connector/J V3.1.10 - 2005-06-23)
    This driver allows using MySQL v3.23.28 up to v4.1.12!
    MySQL v5.x is untested.
  • (/) updated bugs.txt (some added bugs are already fixed in the upcomming JMDB v1.35)
1.30 (2003-11-26)
Detailed changes:
  • Error in OS2INST.CMD corrected: There was a small error in the OS2INST.CMD file that has been corrected. The error was in the "-Xmx96M" setting of the created STARTOS2*.CMD script, where the "M" was missing from the parameter. You only need to download the new script, copy it to the JMDB installation directory and run it, to create a valid STARTOS2*.CMD script. All download packages have been updated on 2003-11-26 and include the corrected INSTOS2.CMD, so you don't have to update.
1.3 (2003-11-15)
Detailed changes:
  • (+) added multi-language support (currently only German and English) Window sizes had to be changed. We are looking for volunteers that want to translate the program to other languages. Contact us via eMail (see website). The documentation (including help) is still english only!
  • (+) db tables: Certificates added
  • (*) Detail window: changed sorting of movies for producer and director - now sorted by years
  • (*) MovieCollection: added some samples and renamed the examples from *.data/def to * to make it clear that these will be overwritten with newer releases
  • (*) updated installation
    • all OSes
      • updated batch files/scripts and added '-Xmx96M' parameter to JAVA(W)
        WARNING: This leads to an out of memory exception if you have less than 100 MB of free memory left, but it will dramatically speed up the import of new IMDb data files. The speedup our beta testers reported where between factor 2 and 4, while some files could be imported even faster. You can also remove the '-Xmx' memory setting or lower the amount of memory used (don't go below 64M) to use the program! For normal operation the '-Xmx' parameter is not needed!
    • OS/2
      • updated "instos2.cmd". It will now find more installed JAVA VMs and adds the '-Xmx' parameter to the start scripts.
  • (/) added latest stable MYSQL database driver (Connector/J V3.0.9) This may also solve some string corruption problems.
1.2 (2003-06-08)
Detailed changes:
  • (+) Search for releasedates including country (which movies can be seen this week,...). The setting for the 'Timeframe' search can be saved.
  • (+) Setup
    • select default internet browser (required for all URL functions)
    • select which IMDb data files you want to import
    • select the order of releasedates in the movie detail window
    • sort by country (default) or date possible
  • (+) IMDb URL for movies or persons (know bug -> umlauts in different languages not correctly converted will be fixed if we use a function from Java 1.4 - currently using 1.2)
  • (+) link to JMDB Homepage in menu and 'About box'
  • (*) updated installation
    • Windows: new Windows Installer
  • (*) changed icons in toolbar, added program icon and splash picture
  • (*) changed db structure of releasedates (NEW IMPORT OF THIS FILE NEEDED)
  • (*) the JTable column width can be changed without changing the sort order (bugfix)
  • (*) updated Movie Collections and added a lot of features
    • column type is now used for sorting the entries ("NumberFormatException" when you try to convert "abc" to a number! You have to change the Column setup in the *.def file. This may be necessary for 'COLUMN = Rating... ; String ; ...' if you don't want to update the *.def AND *.data!)
    • information can be shown in multiple lines per movie
    • you can switch between one and multiple lines per movie and the default (automatic mode --> LINESPERROW = 0) and is set in the *.def file for each collection
    • SQL commands can now have more then one return argument
  • (*) kill database has gotten a security check
1.1 (2003-01-20)
Detailed changes:
  • Changed the import functions for the IMDb listfiles because of some minor format changes. The 1.0 stops working when trying to import current listfiles.
1.0 (2002-10-09)
Detailed changes:
  • (+) conversion resume: Temporarily cancel the IMDB data files import. The last file that has been imported is being saved. When starting the next conversion, JMDB will ask you if to resume at this file or start the conversion from the very first file.
    This should also help if your Java Runtime crashes. You don't have to start from the beginning in this case.
  • (*) The setup window that pops up the first time you start JMDB now closes correctly when pressing "Save".
  • (*) Testing the database connection works also from the setup window that pops up when you start JMDB the first time.
  • (*) Default database password is now 'root'.
  • (*) Detailed output of the running time in the console window while the database conversion runs.
  • (*) Index for database tables are created at the end of the conversion.
  • (*) added latest MySQL AB database driver (2.0.14) *** THE 3.XX.XX DRIVERS DON'T WORK WITH JMDB AT THE MOMENT ***
  • (*) updated installation
    • all OSes
      • updated batch files/scripts
    • Windows
      • Windows Installer Package (EXE) to install JMDB easily
      • HTML links to different locations (MySQL, IMDb,...)
    • OS/2
      • updated "instos2.cmd" (it now finds the LATEST MySQL db driver if there is more than one in the current dir - the OLD drivers are not found by the instos2.cmd any more)
      • updated desktop icons created by instos2.cmd
  • (*) Starting JMDB under Windows checks if java is available and notifies the user if it's not.
  • (*) updated readme (new links, installation, drivers,...)
1.0 beta 2 (2002-07-05)
Detailed changes:
  • (*) JMDB crash with the akanames (since 2002-06-22) corrected!
  • (*) updated installation
    • OS/2: updated "instos2.cmd" (it now finds the LATEST MySQL db driver, if there is more than one in the current dir)
1.0 beta 1 (2002-05-27)
Detailed changes:
  • (*) JRE crash: to find the exact part of the code where the JRE crash while converting occurs there are some more steps where we put details to the logfile! At least for the convert procedure, you should use the JMDB-Debug startup script and inform us when the JRE crashed while converting the *.list files.
  • (+) new search method WordSearch implemented, that means searching for items that contain all the words disregarding the order. This is a really simple but useful method like in web search machines. "String comparison" search is now called "Whole String".
  • (*) expert result window re-implemented
    • search runs in a thread
    • new dialog with status bar and some buttons at the top
    • drag and drop between different expert result windows implemented (it behaves not so well, but I think that's the Java Runtime's fault)
    • cloning the Expert Result Window works now
  • (-) "Edit"-menu removed because it was only used for Expert Result Windows and an ERW has buttons for cut/copy/... itself.
  • (*) fixed a bug in placing a result window when "SameWindow" option was enabled (the position of the old frame was taken for the new window even if the old one was closed)
  • (*) QuickSearch means now only search in the normal table (e.g. movies) with substrings and then in the AKA table (e.g. akatitles). In the past, a BeginWith-Search was another partially search and was the first that was executed.
  • (*) all windows have close buttons again, they work correctly now:
    • internal frames detach themselves from the "window" menu, the main
    • window writes the config before exiting JMDB
  • (+) when the text field in the search window gets the focus again, all the text is selected, so the user can directly start to write another search expression
  • (+) When "same window" option in search window is checked, the last result window is closed before starting the actual search.
  • (*) search window: when "start"-button was default-button and then the user pressed enter in the text field, the search was started two times. Now, after every keypress, none of the buttons is the default button.
  • (+) new option "search again" in File menu activates the last search window that was used
  • (+) F1 opens help, F3 opens the last search window, F7 creates a new search window
  • (*) ALT+s in main window is "search window" again (was assigned to the wrong button)
  • (+) Setup - FileChooser-dialog added for selecting directory and files
  • (*) codepage problems with (German Umlauts) solved! If you make an update from a previous JMDB version the Database connection URL string has to be updated to (interesting part beginning with the ?): jdbc:mysql://localhost:3306/jmdb?useUnicode=true&characterEncoding=iso8859-1
  • (*) connection check at every new search. The status bar changes directly if the connection to the server is broken!
  • (/) added latest MM.MYSQL database driver (V2.0.12)
  • (/) checked latest OS/2 release of Java 1.3.1 (IBM build co131-20020405)
  • (*) updated installation
    • OS/2: updated "instos2.cmd" (Java 1.3.1 and Java 1.3 are now both found)
0.99 beta 2 (2002-04-11)
Detailed changes:
  • (*) fixed serious bug that prevents converter from converting the actors/actresses (hang)
  • (+) import compressed (*.list.gz) or decompressed (*.list) IMDb files
0.99 beta (2002-04-06)
Detailed changes:
  • (+) Rewrite of the main dialogs with threads, database queries now work in the background, allowing a quickly updated display and multiple queries at the same time. New dialogs have a progressbar and a status message at the bottom showing the actual database query or whats going on right now.
  • (+) complete new "simple result window" with a configurable table:
    • columns title, year, rating, directors, actors for movies
    • quick sort function that makes several quick db queries for a quicker result in the dialog
    • automatic resort of the table rows after all results came in (only if the user didn't click into the table)
    • while database queries are working in the simple result window, the user can start a detail window query for the movie/person
    • table sortable by columns
    • options configurable in setup
    • bookmark function to add a movie in the "Bookmarks Movie Collection" (see underneath)
  • (+) complete new "detail window"
    • quick navigation menu with all the categories of data shown for jumping to that position, a hotlist internally stores the most clicked categorys and highlights them in the menu
    • hyperlinks (movies, actors, directors, producers) to open a new detail window
  • (+) complete new "DatabaseConverter"
    • window is now JInternalFrame
    • threads are now supported, and you see the progress of the file import
    • menu and toolbar are disabled/invisible while converting
  • (+) IMDb data errors are now written into an extra log file (IMDb_Error.log)
  • (+) "movie collections" are sets of movies defined in text files.
    • With movie collections, the user can manage a Bookmark movie list and his own video or DVD lists inside JMDB.
    • Movie collections are presented as a table inside JMDB. With one mouse click, the user can open a detail windows for a movie the same way as in a simple result window. The design of the table is configurable in the table definition file. Columns with their size and colors are defined there.
    • The data text files are standard CSV (character separated value) files, that can easily be edited with a text editor or created from a spreadsheet application.
    • For filling the table inside JMDB, the data is read from the data file. Macrowords can be defined and result in an automatic table filling from the database, e.g. the word RATING could be replaced automatically by a string representing the rating for that movie. Macroword definitions are SQL statements. Also SQL commands can be defined that are executed before filling the table.
    • So, the whole movie collection feature goes from a simple table with only one movie name column to a table with several columns and complex automatic SQL macros.
  • (+) database check at startup, result in main window status bar at bottom of screen
  • (+) new values are saved in cfg: search window options, result window size, help window size, detail window size, database converter window size
  • (+) new Intelligent Window Positioning tries to place a new internal frame at a free position
  • (+) added Java LookAndFeel support (now you can select different styles)
  • (*) added reading the movies.list in the Database Converter to find how many movies are in it. That is needed to specifiy the size of the movie array that holds the data for fast access during the convert procedure. It takes less than 5 seconds to do that.
  • (*) updated installation
    • OS/2
      • updated "startos2.cmd" and "startos2debug.cmd" (created by instos2.cmd)
      • updated "instos2.cmd" (updated URLs, automatic search for db driver) and finally made a WarpIN installer archive available
    • Windows
      • updated "startwin.bat" and added "startwindebug.bat"
    • Linux
      • updated "startlinux"
  • (*) renaming the cfg values, replacing them as static class variables
  • (*) complete resorting the classes into new packages jmdb.base, jmdb.database, jmdb.sortabletable, jmdb.util
  • (*) changed internal use of name, version, url,...
  • (*) minimum window sizes set correctly
  • (*) JMDB saves the config not only by menu item "File->Exit" but also with clicking the window close button
  • (*) JMDBSetup tries to get the correct paths for the first start and prepares the config
  • (/) added latest MM.MYSQL database driver (V2.0.11)
  • (/) checked Sun Java 1.4 environment (Win)
  • (/) checked IBM Java 1.3 environment (OS/2 - updated by IBM 2002-02-15)
  • (u) ExpertResult window not yet available (will be working again in version 1.0)
0.93 beta (2001-06-30)
Detailed changes:
  • (*) "Search for AKAs" in search window is enabled by default
  • (*) list of movies after a search with AKAs is sorted complete now (two sorted lists in old version)
0.92 beta (2001-05-28)
Detailed changes:
  • (*) Config Setup is now diplayed in the middle of the screen, when jmdb.cfg doesn't exist.
  • (*) Splash screen is now shown correctly
  • (*) technical.list can again be read by JMDB (there has been added one empty line in ASCII file)
  • (*) removed tabs from keywords, genres, prod. companies, coutries,... (internal information: all files read by class DataImportType1 and have TABs in it)
  • (*) Added some text messages in Database Converter
  • (*) updated database connections to use special method to do this (several used the old connection style)
  • (*) Updated readme (added copyright information, corrected name and link of OS/2 archiver to extract ASCII files, added link to IMDB FAQ and the latest OS/2 MySQL versions)
  • (+) db tables: Taglines and Goofs added
  • (+) added aka search on titles and names; Checkbox in search window
  • (+) added copyright information for IMDb data (copyimdb.txt, readme and at the bottom of JMDB detail windows).
  • (+) OS2 install script updated (automatic Boot drive recognition and more desktop icons)
  • (+) added file 'history' to package
  • (+) added file 'file_id.diz' to package (FidoNet)
  • (-) Setup: disabled 'Prompt for User ID and Password....' on DB-Setup page
0.91 beta (2001-04-29)
Detailed changes:
  • (*) AboutBox can be opened now
  • (+) db tables: Quotes, Trivia, MPAA rating reasons
0.9 beta (2001-04-25)
Detailed changes:
  • first published version


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