Last update: 2009-04-17


We plan to build a version 2 of the JMDB from scratch. We start with a DB API, continue with a simple command line program and finally add the new GUI. This whole project will take at least a year, but we will try to modularize the JMDB2 so you can join us to write some of the modules.

Main Features Compared to 1.x

JMDB2 will be better in almost any way. :-) We think we have learned enough from programming the JMDB1 and now know what the real important features are and where to design it carefully.

Rough Timeline (and now outdated as you see)

This has been only a rough plan. As we didn't have enough free time nothing happend so far. We still plan to work on JMDB 2.x but in the meantime the time will be used to update JMDB 1.x as we want to re-use most of the internal parts where it is reasonable.


We need help!

We're looking for volunteers creating new language files.

If you want to help, contact us!

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