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About JMDB


We, the authors of this software, are movie enthusiast and had this idea of a simple and quick movie database program that runs without connection to the internet on a stand-alone PC.

We preferred Java because it's platform independent and thought it would be a useful language for this. That this was the right choice which has been confirmed by the users. These users also had some requests, some these requests have been implemented and some are still on our todo-list (e.g. built-in ftp client with automatic file selection, list-file update checker, etc.).

Because the users are from all over the world (see the following picture..only August 2006) the Java Movie Database has been upgraded with the release of version 1.30 to support multiple languages (currently these are English, German, French, Spanish, Dutch, Swedish, Russian, Serbian, Chinese (Mainland and Taiwan) and Italian. The Italian language file has been provided in September 2009 and will be added to the next release.

Worldmap Aug. 2006
Website access in August 2006 (click to view larger image)

We still need volunteers to translate the language files to other languages - please support us. There is NO programming skill or experience necessary to help us. You only need a text editor (e.g. EPM, vi(m), Notepad, etc.) to change the language file!



Here you can see some screenshots (first row using english and second row using german language):

Screenshot 1 Thumb (English) Screenshot 2 Thumb (English)
Screenshot 1 Thumb (Deutsch) Screenshot 2 Thumb (Deutsch)
Screenshots of JMDB v1.35 (click to view larger image)

You can find even more screenshots in the Documentation.


We need help!

We're looking for volunteers creating new language files.

If you want to help, contact us!

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